Theatre Consulting Network

IOT/SETC Consulting

SETC and the Institute of Outdoor Theatre have combined their consulting and technical assistance programs in a new initiative: the Theatre Consulting Network. The Theatre Consulting Network will draw on the resources of a national network of theatre specialists to advise organizations on a comprehensive range of issues including:

  • Theatre Facilities
  • Organizational Structure
  • Production
  • Marketing and Development
  • Finance
  • Performance
  • Feasibility Studies

For over 50 years the Institute of Outdoor Theatre has conducted feasibility studies for theatres and this newest form of the consulting program will include that work and expand upon it to include all types of theatres and their particular business and/or artistic challenges.

Assistance provided by the Theatre Consulting Network will range from free phone or email advice on basic issues to more comprehensive projects involving a diverse team of experts for several months of engagement.

For further information or questions, please contact:

The Institute of Outdoor Theatre
Southeastern Theatre Conference, Inc.
1175 Revolution Mill, Studio 14
Greensboro, NC 27405

Current Consulting Project

Steeples Project | Johnstown, PA

The first joint consulting venture between the IOT and SETC kicked off in the spring of 2017 with a fascinating new project in Johnstown, PA. The non-profit group 1901 Church, Inc. there wants to create a new theatre within the former St. Columba Catholic Church. Our consulting team of Michael Hardy, Betsey Horth (SETC’s Executive Director) and Larry Gustke will develop the feasibility study with plans for marketing, tourism, programming and operations.

Read More About the Steeples Project

Feasibility Studies

Starting a new theatre is a complex series of tasks involving critical legal, logistical, artistic and managerial decisions. Likewise, building a new physical theatre requires expert advice on architecture, acoustics, customer services and backstage design. Over the past fifty years, the Institute of Outdoor Theatre has worked with scores of communities to prepare detailed and comprehensive feasibility studies prepared by teams of professional consultants in each of these areas:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Identifying and Developing Appropriate Storylines
  • Building Community Support
  • Fundraising and Marketing Plans
  • Attendance Projections
  • Preparation of Capital and Operating Budgets
  • Personnel Searches for Playwrights, Composers, Managers and Directors
  • Theatre Site Selection and Design

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Planning and Management

The Institute offers professional consulting and advisory services for theatres, government agencies, groups and individuals to assist in every phase of planning and producing outdoor theatre.  It frequently provides both on-the-spot and long-term assistance on a wide variety of subjects. In addition, experienced professionals from across the country, including playwrights, architects, managers, directors and designers work with the Institute to assist with such areas as:

  • Short- and Long-Term Strategic Planning
  • Script Evaluations
  • Board Retreats
  • Fundraising
  • Marketing/Promotion
  • Production and Management Reviews
  • Facility Design and Renovations